Novak Djokovic hits beach and enjoys LA

The ATP 3rd-ranked and 12-0 record in 2011 holder Novak Djokovic, quit from Davis Cup to Los Angeles for fun weekend before the year’s fist Master 1000 event Indian Wells. He was very relax and showed his robust body on the beach of Palm Springs, California.

Novak Djokovic hits beach and enjoys LA,2011,IW Novak Djokovic hits beach and enjoys LA

Djokovic on his facebook:

I had a great night last night. Went to some club and met some great people! LA is really crazy city, always something going on. Anyway, even though all this is nice (partying& chilling) I still prefer living in my world – tennis world.  So after two days of rest, i am heading to IW to start my strict eat – sleep -practice regime.

Though these days having fun is hard work – Nole’s new to Twitter (“My official twitter account is DjokerNole don’t laugh”) and apparently needs some help figuring it out: “Guys, sorry – this twitter is killing me. It’s nothing like fb so i need to figure it out these days. In IW i’ll ask for little tutorial. ”

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  1. Recently, led his team won the Davis Cup champion Novak Djokovic of Serbia and his girlfriend Jelena Ristic came to vacation in Dubai, the two enjoy the sunwearing a swimsuit, a big show of sexy body.

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