Federer's personal assets soared

According to Swiss business magazine "Bilanz" recently released statistics show that, Federer 2-3 billion Swiss francs in assets in order to re-enter the top 300 ranking Swiss Rich List. In this survey, including the rich list of property income in various fields, such as business investment and personal appreciation of fixed assets as well as some works of art and luxury goods collection.

Federer's main income for the prize money and endorsements in two parts. Played in the professional arena after a few seasons, Federer's prize money totals more than $ 61,650,000. IMG, the world's leading brokerage firm one of the top athletes, the vast majority of revenue from the Swiss king off, there are around nearly 35 million U.S. dollars revenue. According to statistics, Federer in 2010 reached $ 62,000,000 revenues, of which 80% came from sponsorship contracts.

While the players are complaining about the season too long, too many commercial activities and exhibition games, but Federer was always in a race to get millions of money, and this can guarantee a large average annual income of six. In the list of the rich, the richest in 2010 is the IKEA founder Ingvar Kamprad, the richest man he has for years occupied the position of Switzerland in 2010, his net asset valuation in the 35 to 36 billion francs between. Although Federer assets can not be compared with the richest, but there is a data Federer in the 300 richest in the lead, that is, growth rate, compared to 2009, Federer personal assets rose by about 66.7%!

Compared with other male tennis player, Federer is the height of the commercial unbeatable. Rival Rafael Nadal on the court, the three Grand Slam titles in 2010 the sum of $ 27,000,000 prize money is only less than half of Federer.

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